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8 HR Refresher Course

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8 Hour Annual Refresher Course

The Annual Refresher Course, SC-200, meets the CA State BSIS 8-hour annual continuing education requirement for all CA State security guards. This course is designed for all CA State security guards to take annually every year after after the first year of being a security guard. The course is in compliance with the CA BSIS state annual continuing education requirements. This is an 8-hour course that covers a wide variety of topics to help security guards both meet the BSIS annual training requirement, and to re-educate them on a variety of important topics.

8-Hour Refresher Course Contents

The 8-Hour refresher course contains topics from the following courses which are parts of the standard BSIS 40-Hour Course set:

  • Power to Arrest and Weapons of Mass Destruction – (SC-101)

  • Communication and its Significance (SC-102)

  • Public Relations (SC-103)

  • Observation and Documentation (SC-104)

  • Liability / Legal Aspects (SC-105)

  • Arrests, Search and Seizure – (SC-106)




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Something is wrong one of the questions aren’t popping up and I keep putting all the right answers and its teeling me its wrong


And I meant telling


Can someone fix whats going on with the final exam for the refresher course one of the questions are not popping up and also I put all the correct answers twice and it keeps failing me now I cant take my test anymore I even double checked my answers

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